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Production, processing and installation of aluminum and aluminum structures

BMS Group has been working in Ukraine from 2012

BMS Aluminium -  we offer comprehensive solutions for the design, production and installation of facade systems, the manufacture of complex structures from aluminum profiles (translucent and ventilated facades, winter gardens, sliding systems, window and door structures).
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Glass sliding systemsBMS

Innovative technologies allow to create sliding partitions and doors from glass releasing a light aperture to 90%. Thus such designs have all necessary properties - functionality, comfort, respectable appearance and can be used at the arrangement of spaces in offices and inhabited premises, in shopping centers and restaurants.

They are also widely used in the private sector in terms of glazing terraces, gazebos, swimming pools and summer houses.

With complete safety in use, they perfectly protect the room from wind, noise and temperature fluctuations. And even in winter, if there is a heating source in the room, you can comfortably use such premises.

At the same time, all materials are environmentally friendly - all this speaks in favor of the choice of glass sliding systems.

AluminiumGlass sliding systems

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Windows and doorsBMS

The popularity of window and door aluminum structures is growing daily. This is due to their main advantages:

  • Light weight of a product that allows to glaze rather big areas without additional strengthening;
  • Durability, high resistance to weathering and mechanical damage;
  • Harmlessness and environmental friendliness. Ability to choose both cold and warm glazing;
  • A large variety of shapes and sizes.

Types of aluminum windows: cold and warm options. They differ in design features, scope and price.

Types of aluminum doors: cold and warm options.

As a rule, they are classified by opening methods. In addition to traditional also distinguish:

  • pendulum versions (the canvas can be opened outside and inside);
  • sliding (including automated);
  • revolving or carousel types.

AluminiumWindows and doors

Railings and fences - BMS Parking

Railings and fencesBMS

Aluminum railings and fences are functional elements that give the building aesthetic perfection and elegance.

Aluminum is a reliable and durable material that fully meets safety requirements.


  • accessibility, high strength, not prone to corrosion, variety of color shades
  • quickly installed, variety of shapes and configurations
  • aesthetic appearance, durability, environmental friendliness of materials
  • do not require additional care, light weight
  • imitation of a tree structure, high maintainability
  • high ductility
Railings and fences - BMS Parking

AluminiumRailings and fences


All-glass partitionsBMS

All-glass partitions are universal, multifunctional constructions that significantly change the layout of the room and at the same time preserve natural light and emphasize the design of the room.

This is a great modern alternative to metal, plastic counterparts for zoning office or living space.

All-glass partitions - BMS Parking

Glass partitions are made of tempered glass 10 mm thick.

Today partitions are actively used:

  • in shopping malls
  • in offices, shops and banks
  • interior partitions for home and apartment

All-glass partitions on type of details happen:

  • pendulum type: such partitions have a pendulum sash
  • sliding models: this type has sliding doors
  • deaf models (without doors).

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Stainless steel canopiesBMS

The canopies consists of a framework from stainless steel and a roof with filling from transparent or not transparent material.

Ventilated facadesBMS

The ventilated facade is a deaf part of the facade of the building. Can be processed by various materials

Special extrusionBMS

The aluminum clamping profile for glass is designed for vertical glass fixing with the installation of sheets butt-to-joint.

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