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BMS Group has been working in Ukraine from 2012

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Smart Glass – “Smart glass”

Smart Glass - is a translucent laminated glass which can turn from transparent to dull white with the click of switch ON / OFF. Smart glass can be completely transparent or milky white. The switching process is influenced by electric current. Smart glass is most commonly used for zoning in offices, banks, conference rooms, and meeting rooms.

Smart glass is also used for:

  • for glazing car windows
  • for window dressing in stores
  • double-glazed windows for home and office
  • sun protective glass
  • in medical rooms and massage rooms

Smart glass responds to changes of weather, light intensity and temperature intensity. Also, Smart glass blocks automatically infrared and UV radiation by adjusting the shading factor of the glass. It saves energy and makes your life more comfortable.

BMS Group

Thermo Glass – Warm windows

Warm windows with “Thermo Glass” which offers company BMS Group create comfortable conditions as in residential as in industrial places. Such constructions could become a great alternative to conventional heating, eliminate heat losses and create the perfect modern interior.

The main advantages of Thermo Glass:

  • Primary or secondary heating
  • No ''cold window effect ''
  • Minimization of heat losses
  • Removal of condensation on the glass surface

Thermo Glass can be used in any window system, with all types of profile - wood, plastic, metal. “Thermo glass” provides an ideal temperature regime, without burning oxygen and drying air indoors. “Thermo glass” is used for glazing of facades of houses, balconies and loggias, dormer windows and also winter gardens.

BMS Group

Anti listening Smart Glass

It is a smart glass that protects against outside listening.

Laser wiretapping is a covert surveillance device that uses a laser beam to detect sound vibrations in distant objects. This technology is used for eavesdropping with minimal risk of detection. Typically, the object to which the beam is directed is located within the room where the conversation is taking place, and can be any object that can vibrate in response to pressure fluctuations caused by noise in the room (for example, a painting on a wall). A laser beam, when directed into a room through a window, is reflected from an object into a receiver, which converts it into an audio signal. Also, the beam can be reflected from the window itself.

Our Smart Anti Listening Glass prevents the passage of laser beams and thus protects you from external eavesdropping.

BMS Group

Mirror TV

A TV that doesn't have to be hidden is a dream.

Therefore, a mirror TV is a versatile solution for at least two reasons.

  • Firstly, it is super thin and requires very little space: the thickness of the entire structure is only 3 cm.
  • And secondly, a mirror with a built-in TV can be of any color, shape and size. Sandblasting and spraying gives the glass the desired hue - and they are responsible for the highest quality of what you see, be it your own reflection or a news release.

Mirror technology allows you to place a TV with a screen diagonal from 19 to 82 inches behind the mirror.

The connection of the mirror and the matrix of the TV is made in a special way that does not leave a gap between these two parts.

The first to be installed in the wall is a mounting block with a modern LED matrix, on which a mirror is mounted.
Then the decor elements are installed.

BMS Group

Led Glass

LED glass is an extremely durable, reliable material with limitless possibilities in the field of lighting and glazing of rooms, décor and advertising.

BMS Group

Armored glass

Armored glass is reliable protection against intruders. Ensuring the safety of people and property is the primary task of the owner of any object.

BMS Group


Triplex glass is a special material consisting of several layers of glass. Glass sheets are connected using a special polymer material.

BMS Group

Blinds in double-glazed windows

Blinds in double-glazed windows can be rotated 360 degrees to regulate the flow of light in the room. They can rise and fall along the height of the window.

We are a company that offers a modern approach of handling space of offices, retail and personal space.

BMS Group has been working in Ukraine from 2012